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Read Series: The Alchemist

by Author Dave Duncan


The Alchemist's Code (2008)

The legendary Maestro Nostradamus may be able to glimpse the ever-changing future, but even he cannot see the danger that is about to envelop him and his daring apprentice Alfeo when Nostradamus is hired to find a foreign spy by Venice's ruling Council of Ten. The only clues they can offer him ar...

The Alchemist's Code (2008) by Dave Duncan

The Alchemist's Apprentice (2007)

Review circa 2008 Tempted though I was to start this review by anointing The Alchemist's Apprentice my favorite fantasy novel yet, I don't think I can actually do that. For one thing, there are about 35 other Duncan fantasy novels with claim to that title. Duncan keeps getting better and better, ...

The Alchemist's Apprentice (2007) by Dave Duncan