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Read Series: The Arkwell Academy

by Author Mindee Arnett


Midnight Academy - Die Traumjägerin: Roman (2014)

Dusty is a Nightmare – she feeds off of people’s nightmares. The power has only shown up within the past year, before that she lived with her normal dad. Now she’s in a magical school and has scheduled outings to “feed”. During one “feeding”, she sees a dead girl. Well it turns out that dead girl...

Midnight Academy - Die Traumjägerin: Roman (2014) by Mindee Arnett

Midnight Academy: Die Traumjägerin (2014)

Style and Substance Trumps Tired ConventionsThe blurbs for this book emphasize that magical Dusty has to team up with ordinary hot guy Eli in order to enter his dreams and collect clues leading to the discovery of a murderer. That's a decent one sentence summary of the book, but it doesn't do jus...

Midnight Academy: Die Traumjägerin (2014) by Mindee Arnett

The Nightmare Affair (2013)

This is such a unique story. I very much enjoyed the concept of it and it was rather refreshing. I was so captivated by the story I seriously contemplated what it would be like to be a Nightmare. How fun would that be? And how awkward? I love the unique characters and their personalities as they ...

The Nightmare Affair (2013) by Mindee Arnett