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Read Series: The Bonemender

by Author Holly Bennett


The Bonemender's Choice (2007)

When Dominic's children are kidnapped by raiding pirates, Gabrielle and Feolan find themselves drawn into their most frightening adventure yet, a sea journey into unknown lands. The adventure takes a deadly turn when the Gray Veil, a plague that slowly chokes its victims, strikes the harbor town ...

The Bonemender's Choice (2007) by Holly Bennett

The Bonemender (2015)

Gabrielle is the princess of DesChenes. She is also a bonemender with special abilities so when she learns of the war that's threatening her borders she sets out to help her father and brother on the front. She knows that she must be present on the battlefield, but she never could have guessed why.

The Bonemender (2015) by Holly Bennett

The Bonemender's Oath (2006)

The war is over, but the danger is not.In "The Bonemender" Gabrielle acepted her talent. Now, the war is over and both Gabrielle and her brother Tristan struggle to deal with the consequences. They have yet to understand that the threat from across the mountains has only withdrawn and they will h...

The Bonemender's Oath (2006) by Holly Bennett