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Read Series: The Cronus Chronicles

by Author Anne Ursu


The Shadow Thieves (2007)

I'm a little disappointed with the book. I had heard good things about it before ordering and the synopsis was interesting to me so I was extremely keen to read it.The cover is a bit simple and when I saw it I said to me "This is not a typical YA cover, this does not show nothing about the book a...

The Shadow Thieves (2007) by Anne Ursu

The Immortal Fire (2009)

This was the weakest of the three books as it's only in the last third of the 500+ page book that Charlotte and Zee actually encounter Zeus and pull it all together. The remainder of the book is Charlotte's parents and Mr. Metos (teacher) calling them children and trying to protect them from dan...

The Immortal Fire (2009) by Anne Ursu

El Fuego Inmortal (2012)

This is a great culmination to the Cronus Chronicles and may be my favorite of the three books. That's hard to decide as all three were witty, adventurous, and magical. In 'The Immortal Fire' Charlotte grows as a character. Her relationship with her parents has evolved and this affects her course...

El Fuego Inmortal (2012) by Anne Ursu