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Read Series: The Dark Crescent Sisterhood

by Author Anna Windsor


Bound by Flame (2008)

Bound By Flame hits it off with pulse pounding action, it erupts from the pages with blazing fury and threw me into the back alley where Cynda and Nick get attacked. One thing's for sure, Anna Windsor knows how to make me sit up and pay attention from the first chapter, cause immediately a new th...

Bound by Flame (2008) by Anna Windsor

Bound by Light (2008)

I give this book 3.5 stars. I really liked Jake a lot more than Merilee. He's sort of a tortured soul. Merilee's the normal sassy gal that you find in most stories so nothing really new or special. This is the first book I've read in the series. Like usual, I bought a huge lot of books and t...

Bound by Light (2008) by Anna Windsor

Bound by Shadow (2008)

Decent read. The beginning of the story was kinda boring at times and I wasn't sure if I even found the characters very interesting. It was a slow start for sure. Though towards the end of the book it started to look up. Riana and Creed were HOT and I was excited to finally here more about "The L...

Bound by Shadow (2008) by Anna Windsor