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Read Series: The Ea Cycle

by Author David Zindell


Black Jade (2006)

Valashu Elahad rescued the Lightstone from the dark hell of the enemy's own city, only to have his triumph overturned. Once more the Lord of Lies has the sacred gem in his possession and its power is invincible. Val burns with shame. Treachery surrounds him.

Black Jade (2006) by David Zindell

Lord of Lies (2003)

I tried to like this series. I slogged through the first two books (The Lightstone, The Silver Sword) and I gave this one 250 pages but I had to give it up.I remember reading Zindell's first novel, Neverness, soon after it came out and not being terribly impressed so I never picked up any of his ...

Lord of Lies (2003) by David Zindell