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Read Series: The Godfather Returns

by Author Mark Winegardner


The Godfather's Revenge (2006)

The only thing that fully prepares us for the climax of The Godfather’s Revenge is the title. I hope that isn’t a spoiler for you because I’m trying to write this without giving away the entire store anymore than Mark Winegardner did in the title itself. Indeed, one can sum up this novel (definit...

The Godfather's Revenge (2006) by Mark Winegardner

The Godfather Returns (2005)

3.5 starsI don't fully understand this book's transition from the blockbuster film.The more infamous scenes were removed from the book altogether, or they were told after the fact, or quickly fast-forwarded through. Huh? Everything else is covered slowly in painstakingly clear detail. Examples: K...

The Godfather Returns (2005) by Mark Winegardner