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Read Series: The Gothic Saga

by Author Joyce Carol Oates


A Bloodsmoor Romance (1983)

This is a great novel that I'd only recommend selectively. It's long (752 pages) and written in a precious mid-1800s tea-party diction. It took me about a hundred pages just to realize that this wasn't merely a tour-de-force of stylistic mimicry, but also a parody of the style so subtle that it d...

A Bloodsmoor Romance (1983) by Joyce Carol Oates

Bellefleur (1991)

"The living and the dead. Braided together. Woven together. An immense tapestry taking in centuries."A little over 100 pages into this novel I stumbled across the above lines, and even though I had another 500+ pages to go, I instinctively sensed that I had discovered the key to this immense, ...

Bellefleur (1991) by Joyce Carol Oates

My Heart Laid Bare (1999)

Finally returned to print in a beautiful paperback edition, a haunting gothic tale of a nineteenth-century immigrant family of confidence artists—a story of morality, duplicity, and retribution that explores the depths of human manipulation and vulnerabilityThe patriarch of the Licht family, Abra...

My Heart Laid Bare (1999) by Joyce Carol Oates