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Read Series: The Great War

by Author Maureen Lang


Whisper on the Wind (2010)

This was a nicely done historical and inspirational romance. I have no idea how accurate the details were for the WWI period, but as it's a period I read very little about, it was a novel setting for me. The faith part of the book didn't seem overdone — at the very least, I didn't feel like I was...

Whisper on the Wind (2010) by Maureen Lang

Verbreek de stilte (2011)

Wealthy and privileged Isa Lassone and her parents escaped the German onslaught that would ultimately overwhelm her beloved Belgium at the start of the Great War. But her freedom exacted a steep emotional toll, for Isa was abandoning not only her home but her heart, leaving behind Genny, the innk...

Verbreek de stilte (2011) by Maureen Lang