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Read Series: The Kissing Booth

by Author Beth Reekles


Mi primer beso (2014)

Not exactly what I had been expecting...I felt Reekles tried to make it a bit too complicated only to not really follow through on a lot of things, namely Noah and how he was initially portrayed as the perfect hearthrob that was later a quick-tempered, out of control jerk. While I understand it w...

Mi primer beso (2014) by Beth Reekles

The Kissing Booth (2012)

When I first started reading this story it seemed so familiar then I realised I have already read this story on wattpad! I didn't ever finish reading the story and was so happy when I found out that it had been made into a book and I could finally finish it!This is an amazingly written YA romance...

The Kissing Booth (2012) by Beth Reekles