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Read Series: The Last Year

by Author Trisha Leigh


Betrayals in Spring (2012)

Y por más que quiera, esta serie me está matando. La tortura a los personajes me obligo a saltar largos segmentos de esta novela, con la conclusión de no continuar, ni por casualidad el proximo libro. Pasan más tiempo recuperandose de las heridas que haciendo cualquier otra cosa: podría intentan ...

Betrayals in Spring (2012) by Trisha Leigh

Winter Omens (2012)

Why love triangles, why???? Are teenage girls really getting this many gorgeous teen boys to fall in love with them immediately that love triangles are a natural occurrence? (never happened to me!) Because, according to most of the books these days, this is what every young lady should expect in ...

Winter Omens (2012) by Trisha Leigh

Whispers in Autumn (2012)

Title: Whispers in AutumnAuthor: Trisha LeighAge Group: Teen/Young AdultGenre: Science Fiction/Dystopian FictionSeries: The Last Year, book oneStar Rating: 2 out of 5 starsThe bottom line: An attempt at a debut novel involving aliens, first love, secrets, and a new world order, I feel like Whispe...

Whispers in Autumn (2012) by Trisha Leigh