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Read Series: The Mckaslin Clan: Series 3

by Author Jillian Hart


Precious Blessings (2007)

Lawman Jack Munroe didn't want to see the truth about his troubled little girl, especially when she was caught shoplifting in Katherine McKaslin's Christian bookstore. Being a single father was hard on a man's faith and patience, and he didn't need the all-perfect Katherine telling him how to imp...

Precious Blessings (2007) by Jillian Hart

Every Kind of Heaven (2007)

Though she wanted a family of her own, love seemed so unreliable to busy bakery owner Ava McKaslin. Baking and honoring her faith were all she had on her life's to-do list. Until she hired Brice Donovan as her contractor. And her best-laid plans flew out the window! He'd long adored Ava from afar...

Every Kind of Heaven (2007) by Jillian Hart

Everyday Blessings (2007)

When Aubrey McKaslin visited reclusive photographer William Corey, she found a man who had given up on life and faith. He said he was happy at his mountain retreat, but Aubrey didn't believe it for a minute. His eyes signaled a kindred soul, a man who shared her love of art and the outdoors. Spen...

Everyday Blessings (2007) by Jillian Hart

A Soldier for Christmas (2006)

When the tall soldier entered the Christian bookstore, Kelly Logan nearly fell over. Could it be Mitch Dalton, the classmate she'd once had a crush on? Skinny Mitch had matured into a heart-stoppingly handsome man. And he wanted her to help him find a present for his mother. As they discovered t...

A Soldier for Christmas (2006) by Jillian Hart

A McKaslin Homecoming (2007)

This is technically book 5 of this series of books. But you CAN read them individually without reading the others in the series. I have read books 1, 2, and 3 and they were 'so so' for me but his one I really liked. It was a different setting and the main character didn't seem to obsess over her ...

A McKaslin Homecoming (2007) by Jillian Hart