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Read Series: The Potato Factory

by Author Bryce Courtenay


Solomon's Song (2001)

When Mary Abacus dies, she leaves her business empire in the hands of the warring Solomon family. Hawk Solomon is determined to bring together both sides of the tribe - but it is the new generation who must fight to change the future.Solomons are pitted against Solomons as the families are locked...

Solomon's Song (2001) by Bryce Courtenay

Tommo and Hawk (1998)

Tommo & Hawk is the second in Courtenay's Potato Factory Trilogy. Courtenay is a master s storyteller, indeed. Per a previous reviewer, I'd say at least as good as Hemmingway. His description of life in 19th Century Colonial Australia & New Zealand is that of"nasty, brutish, and short men", other...

Tommo and Hawk (1998) by Bryce Courtenay

The Potato Factory (1996)

** donated to CCU 30/10/2014review finally!.Ikey Solomon and his partner in crime, Mary Abacus, make the harsh journey from thriving nineteenth-century London to the convict settlement of Van Diemen's Land.In the backstreets and dives of Hobart Town, Mary builds The Potato Factory - a brewery, wh...

The Potato Factory (1996) by Bryce Courtenay