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Read Series: The Zero Stone

by Author Andre Norton


The Zero Stone (1985)

Talk about opening in medias res. Jern appears fleeing for his life from the killers of his mentor -- a cult called the Green Robes, which usually avoided off-worlders, this time selected "randomly" for human sacrifice two of them, a gemologist and his apprentice Jern.Jern's father had been deep...

The Zero Stone (1985) by Andre Norton

Uncharted Stars (1983)

Uncharted Stars by Andre Norton Un charted Stars is the superior sequel to the Zero Stone and continues the adventures of Murdoc Jern, itinerant jewel dealer and his companion, Eet the mysterious mutant born from a ship’s cat. Eet is not merely a mutant but is the reincarnation of an alien from...

Uncharted Stars (1983) by Andre Norton