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Read Series: Thornleigh

by Author Barbara Kyle


The King's Daughter (2009)

Depois da agradável surpresa que foi A Aia da Rainha, a curiosidade por ler o volume seguinte da série era mais que muita. O título deste livro apontava para um enfoque na rainha Maria I, mas, tal como o título do volume anterior, acaba por induzir o leitor em erro. De facto, a história gira em...

The King's Daughter (2009) by Barbara Kyle

A Dangerous Temptation (1994)

I read this after I'd already read the second in the series. I was disappointed with that then so perhaps if I now read them in the right order, I'll appreciate them more.Because this is quite good. I was honestly gripped and interested, whereas I seem to remember finding The King's Daughter a bi...

A Dangerous Temptation (1994) by Barbara Kyle

A Aia da Rainha (2010)

The start of a compelling series of Tudor thrillers. This book got me hooked, I then read all the other books in the series within a week. It's good to read books which don't focus on the Tudor royal family but instead explore more what the life of other people living in this period was like. T...

A Aia da Rainha (2010) by Barbara Kyle