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Read Series: Two Medicine Country

by Author Ivan Doig


The Eleventh Man (2008)

I couldn't finish this although I gave it a good one hundred pages. If I didn't know better, I would have said that Ivan Doig didn't write this - it wandered, was disjointed, I had difficulty following whatever plot line there was. The characters didn't grow. I have always counted Doig's works ...

The Eleventh Man (2008) by Ivan Doig

The Bartenders tale (2000)

the second half of this book (where it finally synced with what the blurb on the back said it was about) was what i really enjoyed, to me it seemed that the "set-up" getting to that point was overly long. the story centers around rusty harry, a 12 year old, who is reunited with (re-claimed by?)h...

The Bartenders tale (2000) by Ivan Doig