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Read Series: Undersea Trilogy

by Author Frederik Pohl


Undersea Fleet (1971)

A good YA for 1956, though for some hard-to-define reason I would rate it just a hair lower than the first of the series, Undersea Quest. The handling of the sometimes-savage imperialism, I suppose we can call it, of Jason Craken is decent for the period, although Jim is a little slower than I wo...

Undersea Fleet (1971) by Frederik Pohl

Undersea Quest (1978)

A very fine YA/"juvenile" from 1954, reminiscent of the works of, say, Robert A. Heinlein or Lester Del Rey. The first-person narrative is fast-moving and adventuresome, with many cute cliffhangers that are not cheesy or overdone. I was struck by how beautifully evocative the novel is--the colors...

Undersea Quest (1978) by Frederik Pohl

Undersea City (1977)

SEAQUAKE It was the most dreaded of all undersea phenomena. If strong enough, it would set up chain-reaction pressures that could shatter any dome and cost inestimable lives. But the Krakatoan Dome has been specifically designed to cope with the tremors of its seaquake-prone area. The trouble wa...

Undersea City (1977) by Frederik Pohl