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Read Series: Veritas Project

by Author Frank E. Peretti


Nightmare Academy (2003)

Hey ya'll,So one book that captivated me from start to finish would have to be Nightmare Academy by Frank Peretti. I loved how well executed his novel was. Peretti brought me action, adventure, and mystery all at once which is sometimes not an easy task for authors due to them not being skillful ...

Nightmare Academy (2003) by Frank E. Peretti

Hangman's Curse (2003)

tI love anything by Frank Peretti. The Oath, The Prophet, This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness are all terrific reads and excellent books. As you can guess, I was pretty excited to read Hangman’s Curse. Specifically written for teenagers and the first book in The Veritas Project series...

Hangman's Curse (2003) by Frank E. Peretti