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Read Series: Wabash River

by Author Dorothy Garlock


Yesteryear (1995)

Addie Hyde spent four years waiting to see if the high-spirited husband she had married in haste would come back after the South lost the war. Yet Kirby Hyde was never among the Confederates in rags and tatters straggling through Arkansas. Addie always had spunk, but now she also had a young son...

Yesteryear (1995) by Dorothy Garlock

Dream River (1989)

The million-copy bestselling author of Wind of Promise and Annie Lash continues her breathtaking Wabash River Trilogy with this second exciting novel set in Arkansas in 1819. Amy Deverell joins Rain Tallman as he blazes new trails across the American frontier--and across her heart.

Dream River (1989) by Dorothy Garlock

Lonesome River (1987)

From top ranking historical romance writer, Dorothy Garlock, comes the first novel in a new trilogy. This is the romantic saga of a courageous widow who forges the Illinois frontier to make a new life. The author is an expert on the pioneer era, and she uses actual diaries and letters from that t...

Lonesome River (1987) by Dorothy Garlock

River of Tomorrow (1988)

Only her defiant pride kept her from begging for his love...Behind her proper schoolmarm ways, sunny blond, Mercy, was the same sassy spitfire she had been as a child. An orphan raised by the Quill family with her foster brother Danny, she had always had a quick temper and often needed the loving...

River of Tomorrow (1988) by Dorothy Garlock