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Read Series: Whispering Pines Ranch

by Author S.J.D. Peterson


Conner's Courage (2012)

*This is the fourth in the Whispering Pines Series, and while it stands alone, it is really best to read the books in order. Conner and John are in them all, and to know them is to love them..."For thirty-seven years, Conner Burnett has loved John Price. Now, he's facing the fight all of these ye...

Conner's Courage (2012) by S.J.D. Peterson

Ty's Obsession (2012)

If there's an equivalent for women's fiction with male heroes, this is it. In my humble opinion, this does not fall exactly into the romance category, as the ending is the beginning of an affair and not its end, while most of the story was about two people helping each other to heal rather than f...

Ty's Obsession (2012) by S.J.D. Peterson

Quinn's Need (2011)

Steam and angst galore! Even though the ending reunited Quinn and Lorcan (and during this book at least, that reunification was never in doubt), I liked the first half much better than the last. Things got a little murky toward the end, and some things that I felt should have been addressed were ...

Quinn's Need (2011) by S.J.D. Peterson

Lorcan's Desire (2011)

It started off great...the MCs were moving along in their own little world...then BAM...real life intruded! I then became VERY disappointed in Lorcan and Quinn's thoughts and now I will read Quinn's Need...just because I have to know how this works out...but let me say...I am NOT a h...

Lorcan's Desire (2011) by S.J.D. Peterson