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Read Series: Winning Season

by Author Rich Wallace


The Roar of the Crowd (2005)

Manny's starting his first football season with the Hudson City Hornets, and he's determined to get in the game and not warm the bench. Problem is, Manny's not a big guy, and when he tries to tackle the offense, he's the one who ends up on the ground. Coach isn't too pleased, especially when the ...

The Roar of the Crowd (2005) by Rich Wallace

Double Fake (2006)

Get ready for some amazing soccer action in Winning Season 4 It's summer in Hudson City. And for Calvin Tait and Zero Rollison, it's time to give soccer a shot. The YMCA soccer league looks like an easy way to get their feet wet and learn some technique, and once Calvin gets his foot on a ball an...

Double Fake (2006) by Rich Wallace

Dunk Under Pressure (2006)

Dunk was a typical athletic 12 year old which loved Basketball. Dunk has an aunt more like his sister rebound for him when he's in a rush to do something. Dunk is such a basketball freak. When he starts to get into that drill he could work on it for several hours. An hour goes by slow in sports w...

Dunk Under Pressure (2006) by Rich Wallace

Emergency Quarterback (2005)

*** For anyone who loves football, this book delivers pure football action. I liked that it touched on a few other issues such as selfishness and racial comments but in a way that any grade level could read the book and find the material appropriate. The main characters are in middle school but ...

Emergency Quarterback (2005) by Rich Wallace

Technical Foul (2004)

I enjoyed reading “Technical Foul” by Rich Wallace. Rich Wallace has written this book about team work. I liked this book a lot, and enjoyed it because it was about basketball. Jared showed a lot of nerve the way he treated his team in the beginning of this book.This book is told from the third...

Technical Foul (2004) by Rich Wallace

Fast Company (2005)

Asia’s Book ReviewTitle: Fast Company Author: Rich Wallace Rich Wallace made this delightful book Fast Company is about a boy name Manny Ramos who is the fastest kid out of the whole football team maybe even the whole school so when he hears about a recreation center were they have races every w...

Fast Company (2005) by Rich Wallace