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Read Series: Wraeththu

by Author Storm Constantine


Wraeththu (1993)

In this powerful and elegant story set in a future Earth very different from our own, a new kind of human has evolved to challenge the dominion of Homo sapiens. This new breed is stronger, smarter, and far more beautiful than their parent race, and are endowed with psychic as well as physical gif...

Wraeththu (1993) by Storm Constantine

Breeding Discontent (Storm Constantine's Wraeththu Mythos) (2003)

A dark tale set in Megalithica, Breeding Discontent tells the story of Lisia, a hostling in a secret Varrish breeding facility, completely isolated from society and forced to make pearls - new life - on demand by the military. After defeating Varrish rule, the Gelaming uncover the hidden facili...

Breeding Discontent (Storm Constantine's Wraeththu Mythos) (2003) by Wendy Darling