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Read Home Planet: Awakening (Part 1)

Home Planet: Awakening (Part 1)

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Home Planet: Awakening (Part 1) - Plot & Excerpts

If anyone logged what happened to the good ship Juno, it should’ve been Captain Emilio Gutiérrez. Now, as I clung onto the outside of Module 3’s curved exterior, I just needed to get there. Eyeing the route to the bow, I could see the remaining forty feet or so of Module 3. Beyond it lay a gap to Module 2 with the link tunnels and the structural spine of the ship hidden from my viewpoint below it. The dedicated military module—Module 2—came next. All nine modules comprising the Juno Ark were three hundred feet in  diameter save for the nose of Module 1, which reduced to a rounded point. Module 1—the location of the bridge, communications, sensors and navigation—was at the front of the ship. The great cylinders were largely flush and quite featureless in the main, meaning that I had no reliable way to climb along it. The artificial gravity stopped at the outer walls of the ship—so if I lost thruster control and got separated from the ship then I’d just keep going until the air ran out.

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