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Ken Kuhlken_Hickey Family Mystery 01

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Ken Kuhlken_Hickey Family Mystery 01 - Plot & Excerpts

Vi was bathing, Magda had dozed. The bodyguards, McColgin on the boulevard side, his pal Nels on the seawalk, blamed each other. She’d disappeared about 11 p.m. By midnight McColgin and Leo were searching on the boulevard and bayside, while Nels took the beach south toward the jetty and Hickey combed the beach northward.
    Tide was low, going out, the moon half-full, giving the water and beach a greenish color. Sand flurried up in the gusty breeze. Waves, instead of rolling, rose against the breeze to their full height before they crashed. Their noise sounded distant and ghostly. Hickey tromped the wet sand at the tideline, sweeping his gaze out to sea, then back across the beach to the seawall. Every time he’d spot a body and look closer, it was either a hobo sleeping against the wall, out of the sandy breeze, or a lonely nightwalker. Only the miserable came here at night, or men with bad dreams and nothing to lose.
    A few miles up, as Hickey neared La Jolla, the cliffs began and each house got larger than the last.

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