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Lucky: A Love Lane Short

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Lucky: A Love Lane Short - Plot & Excerpts

We found that we have a great deal in common, which helps our conversations flow easy. Hours pass with ease as we talk about everything from the most mundane, like what we ate for dinner that night, to our mutual obsession with The Walking Dead. The more serious topic of Henry’s mother—her cancer, the continuous care, and the anger and despair it caused Henry—is also spoken about frequently.
I think finally talking about her again after months of mourning has been therapeutic for him. Conversations that once left Henry withdrawn are now often accompanied with laughs from fond childhood memories which are then quickly followed by a few of my own that almost always revolve around one of my sisters doing something that thoroughly embarrassed me.
Henry has also made it very clear during more than one conversation that he will be helping me move this weekend. “That’s what friends do for each other, Kate, so don’t even think about saying no. You know I’m good for all that heavy lifting.”

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