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Luke's Gold (2010)

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Luke's Gold (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

Saying good-bye to the river, they continued west toward the Bozeman Pass. Luke tried to hide it, but Cade could readily see that his friend was getting a little anxious as the end of their journey approached, for he urged Cade to continue on past their usual time to camp. Darkness was already descending when finally Luke selected a campsite. He was ready to go again early the next morning. They arrived in the town of Bozeman the next afternoon, and made one more camp near the banks of the Gallatin River.
“There’s sure a helluva lot more folks in this town than the last time I saw it,” Luke had commented when they had reached the edge of the settlement. “I expect we’d just as well circle on around it.” Cade was surprised that Luke showed no interest in finding a saloon, preferring to stay in camp. He decided that Luke must be so close to realizing his treasure that he feared any distraction that might somehow hinder his reaching the gold.
Luke was up well before sunrise the next morning, and Cade wondered if he had slept much at all during the night.

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