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Mary Poppins - Plot & Excerpts

Brill was reading the paper with her spectacles perched on her nose. Robertson Ay was sitting in the garden busily doing nothing. Mrs. Banks was on the drawing-room sofa with her feet up. And the house stood very quietly around them all, dreaming its own dreams, or thinking perhaps.Upstairs in the nursery Mary Poppins was airing the clothes by the fire, and the sunlight poured in at the window, flickering on the white walls, dancing over the cots where the babies were lying."I say, move over! You're right in my eyes," said John in a loud voice.
"Sorry!" said the sunlight. "But I can't help it. I've got to get across this room somehow. Orders is orders. I must move from East to West in a day and my way lies through this Nursery. Sorry! Shut your eyes and you won't notice me."The gold shaft of sunlight lengthened across the room. It was obviously moving as quickly as it could in order to oblige John."How soft, how sweet you are! I love you," said Barbara, holding out her hands to its shining warmth."Good girl," said the sunlight approvingly, and moved up over her cheeks and into her hair with a light, caressing movement.

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