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Naughty Rendezvous

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Naughty Rendezvous - Plot & Excerpts

With an ACE bandage wrapped around her ankle, she took a deep breath, counted to twenty, and began shoving his belongings inside box after box, not really caring what went where."Aren't you his assistant?” Libby asked from the doorway. “I've seen you before, and you're not pretty enough to be his new girlfriend. So that means you're his assistant."Grace bit her tongue. “Yeah, I'm his assistant."She threw thousand dollar suits into a cheap cardboard box, not bothering to check the insides. She didn't care. She cleaned out his socks, underwear, and tee shirt drawers, making a note to keep an orange one she liked. It was the least he could do since she went through the trouble of packing all his shit for him while his ex-girlfriend watched.Finally by noon, she finished. Grace loaded up the last of the boxes in the rented moving van and pulled out her cell to call Chase at the office. He picked up on the third ring."Where do you want me to take your shit?"Sweat poured down her face, nearly falling into her eyes.

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