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Lawrence Kelter

PALINDROME - Plot & Excerpts

My back ached and my hands were numb from the wrist restraints. It took every last ounce of self-control to keep from wetting the bed. I was now completely lucid and had spent the afternoon thinking about the events that had transpired the evening before. I reviewed the assault in my home, the attack by Keith Cooper and Shawn, and their murders. What was going on? I wanted to find the answer, but the pieces didn’t fit together. All I could think of was that Vincent’s body had been found and that I was the last one to be seen with him. Vincent and Keith were linked by the dose of GHB Keith had dropped into my margarita. I could only assume that Shawn was another of Vincent’s friends, someone close enough to him to come after me for answers.
But who had murdered them? I was turning the pieces over in my mind when the door opened. A physician walked in followed by Evelyn. “Oh thank God,” I bellowed. “Please, doctor, I’m about to burst. I have to go to the bathroom.”
The doctor turned to Evelyn; his expression showed that he was looking for an explanation.

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