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Read Paula K. Perrin - Small Town Deadly

Paula K. Perrin - Small Town Deadly

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Paula K. Perrin

Paula K. Perrin - Small Town Deadly - Plot & Excerpts

For a moment I was terrified I’d said it aloud, but Gene continued to watch me, waiting for an answer.  I turned away, taking a few steps along the road, watching the black-and-white cows tearing at the grass.
    I couldn’t believe Meg would plot anything this ugly, that she could kill Fran or possibly want to hurt me like this, but she was the only one who knew my plans for this morning.  We’d kept it a secret between the three of us that we were going to the climbing gym.  It would have driven Alisz nuts to think that her actors were chancing a broken ankle on the biggest day of the fund-raiser.
    I shivered.  Maybe, maybe, Meg could have killed Andre, but she couldn’t have hurt Fran.  But who else knew I’d be there to find Fran?
    “If you’re right—”
    Gene said, “For the moment, let’s go with it and see where it leads.  Who knew you’d be here this morning?”
    “No one.”

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