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Playing with Fire

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Playing With Fire - Plot & Excerpts

She stared at the image of the perfectly styled woman on the television screen. Her face looked composed in spite of the fact that she was surrounded by throngs of shouting reporters and a pack of lawyers leading her into the county courthouse. Zoey had seen Helen Rose before, of course, but had forgotten just how poised she was. Onscreen she almost looked…fake. Not human.
“Change the channel, Zoey,” Tom hissed, looking sideways at Alison, who was staring at the screen as if she’d seen a ghost. Zoey tightened her fingers around the remote but didn’t press any buttons. This was too sweet an opportunity to let slide. Alison had followed her home after school like a puppy for three days straight, and Zoey was getting a little bored. It was time to get her revenge plan rolling.
“It’s not like this is news to Alison,” Zoey said easily as she watched Alison’s reaction. “You’ve seen it all before, right?” she asked with a smile. The tidbit on the news was a welcome surprise.

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