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Ravage - Plot & Excerpts

She was innocent, it was written all over her face, body movement, gestures, and her curiosity. It was rare, pure and so few women had it, but it was unmistakable and perfect for training. Innocent ones were like little pups attaching themselves to their mother’s tit. The hunger that an innocent one has is far different to those who have been around the block, even once. I could sniff it a mile away. An untouched pussy might as well been a radio station as hers was sending out a signal and I had just tuned in. Truth is, sex changes a person. You could see it in a person’s face.
    They are never the same. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Sex changes everything and this woman had it. She was good at hiding it, and no doubt these horny fuckers sitting around the bar, probably thought her lack of interest was because she was playing hard to get. But that wasn’t it. No, she was waiting. Any other woman would have snapped up a few of the men that I had seen her speaking with before I strolled in, but not her.

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