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Redemption - Plot & Excerpts

Startled, she jerked and grimaced as pain entombed her leg. She stifled the scream as her mind reeled.
Where was she?
The interior of an NAH transport bus startled her a moment. Silent, she blinked the dregs of exhaustion aside and allowed the hushed conversation a few feet away to tumble through her brain. Everyone was lost in conversation. At least she had time to sort her brain, figure out what was happening.
“We’ll need to wake her soon.” She recognized the voice as Ren’s. “We’re in Baton Rouge.”
“We should’ve woken her hours ago,” Peyton said.
“Doc said she needed rest,” Adrik commented. “We should’ve insisted he come with us. If there are prisoners, they could be in the same condition she was in.”
“There are too many injured in Medical for him to leave Redemption,” Marek’s voice drew nearer. “Besides, the whole purpose of using this piece of shit bus was to transport any injured we may find. I’m not holding my breath.”
“You still don’t believe her.”

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