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Return to Oak Valley (2008)

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Return To Oak Valley (2008) - Plot & Excerpts

at McGuire's for lunch at the Blue Goose. It was a late lunch—after 2:00 P.M., but it was the only time M.J. could escape from the demands of the store.M.J. was waiting at the front entrance. The instant she spotted Shelly's vehicle, she came running up. Climbing into Shelly's Bronco, she said, “Step on it—before they discover I've escaped.” Shaking her head, she added, “Man, if anybody had ever told me how hard it is to run your own business, and a grocery store at that, I'd have run screaming to the hills.”Shelly grinned. “Liar. For as long as I can remember, running McGuire's has been your dream.”M.J. made a face. “Which will just teach me to be careful what I wish for. But, you're right, it is what I've always wanted to do. It's just that sometimes….”“Sometimes, it gets a little complicated?”M.J. nodded. “Lots of things to keep track of and anticipate. And the help situation is terrible. No one wants to work—having the reservation in the valley with half its inhabitants on welfare doesn't help.

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