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Russian Mafia Billionaire’s Secretary

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Russian Mafia Billionaire’s Secretary - Plot & Excerpts

He was a smart young guy surprising Alanna with how quickly he assimilated everything she told him. Within a couple days, he was handling many of the smaller tasks with no coaching from her; even Alexander was amazed with his quick study. The following week, Alanna let him take over and watched as he followed all office procedures to the letter; even establishing a better rapport with some of the clients than she had. After HR cleared his final background check, she gave him a spare key to Alexander’s apartment to deliver his dry cleaning and other errands that Alanna loathed to do as it would take her out of the office for too long.On his third week, Alanna told him, “Alright, as you know, next week, Alexander and I will be leaving for Miami for a week.”He nodded and assured her that he was able to handle all of the office duties in her absence. She hadn’t wanted to leave him swamped, so she jotted down her cell phone number to reach her in case of an emergency.“Got it,” he said as he took her information.

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