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Set On Fire - Plot & Excerpts

Not ready to call it a day on her sexual side, she found she now had the time to cultivate her desires.  Her husband left her for a younger woman about ten years ago and she raised her handsome son, Taylor, alone.  He was moving out today, and she stood at the window watching as the small rented moving van pulled away.
    “Today is the first day of the rest of your life!”  She told her reflection in the glass.  Turning around she faced her seemingly larger living room, now devoid of video games and Taylor’s guitar in the corner.  A small tug at her heart, and then she was fine.  Dating over the last few years had been rather lack luster for her.  A series of leftover men, no one found interesting.  Justifying her continuance of the ritual, she told herself she had to eat, might as well be at her dates expense, in a nice restaurant.  Wanting more, she was always hoped the next time would be different.  Recently, a new girl started at the office where Faye worked as a bookkeeper.  They were about the same age and became friends quickly.  Although her new friend, Clair, was childless, their situations were much the same.  Clair and her husband divorced five years previously, and not having a child, she was a little freer to date.

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