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The Dashing Miss Fairchild

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Belgrave House

The Dashing Miss Fairchild - Plot & Excerpts

She is not best pleased to have the infant in the house, and I fear she resents my interest in him. I confess that I find her behavior odd at times. Am I foolish to desire this excursion be kept as quiet as possible?” Clare turned to face Richard as they neared her dwelling. She wished to settle their story before they entered the house just in case Venetia had returned while they were out.Richard studied the young woman before him. Her eyes were deeply troubled, and the grave air that sat on her shoulders revealed her concern for the helpless infant. “Why do you not tell her you travel to visit my mother? She is at Knowl Hill in the Dower House at this time of year. If Miss Godwin inquired, she would discover it to be not too far from Bath and a reasonable drive.""And if we find we must remain overnight, she would have no cause to think ill of us?” Clare inquired softly. “Priddy will be with us.” Her wry expression brought a chuckle from Richard."Come. I suspect you could do with a cup of tea and some of those excellent tea cakes your cook bakes.

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