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Read The Great Galloon And The Pirate Queen (2015)

The Great Galloon and the Pirate Queen (2015)

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The Great Galloon And The Pirate Queen (2015) - Plot & Excerpts

  Stanley watched in awe as Captain Meredith Anstruther leapt around the wheelhouse of his fabled Great Galloon, yanking levers, tapping dials, and wrestling with the mighty brassbound wheel. Outside, the wind was howling, the rain was lashing down, and the clouds loomed all around like disapproving relatives. The Galloon had run straight into a storm, and it was everything the crew could do to keep her steady.
‘Give number twelve a tweak, Stanley!’ boomed the Captain, his being perhaps the only voice in the world that could compete with the screaming of the storm.
‘Aye aye, Cap’n!’ said Stanley. He threw both arms round one of the tall wooden levers that was sticking out of the floor, and pulled on it for all he was worth. It creaked and strained, and moved about an inch towards him.
‘Woah!’ cried the Captain. ‘That’s it! That’s it, lad! And now read off that dial!’ Stanley looked to where the Captain was pointing at what he had assumed was a clock. As the Galloon pitched and rolled, he squinted at the two long black hands on it.

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