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The Jewels of Sofia Tate

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The Jewels Of Sofia Tate - Plot & Excerpts

That’s what English class was, Garnet thought ruefully as she stuffed her marked assignment into her knapsack. What was so great about Macbeth anyway? The guy had gone crazy with ambition, the story was as gory as could be, and the worst part was, it wasn’t even written in real English. Why didn’t someone just take the play and translate it into modern English? Maybe then she would understand it better. It was as though all the characters were speaking in code and she didn’t get it.
Garnet threw the binder into her locker. A “C.” She still couldn’t believe she had done so poorly on the assignment. She would have expected this in math, but not English. English had always been one of her better subjects.
She thought about the dreaded math assignment now, and knew that the outcome for that could only be disastrous. She had handed it in yesterday, a day late, and would be docked ten percent right off the top. Could Mr. Sanders assign negative marks? she wondered. But what would that matter at this point?

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