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The Venging

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The Venging - Plot & Excerpts

"You're lying to me," Jeshua said. "No! Stop." Thinner stood in the river and held up his hands. "You're right." "I know I am." "But not completely. I'm from Winston, and I'm speaking like a city chaser for a mason. And speakingaccurately, mind you." Jeshua frowned. The boy no longer seemed a boy. "Why fool me, or try to?" he asked. "I'm a free-lance tracker. I'm trying to keep tabs on the chasers. They've been making raids on thefarmlands outside of Winston. I was almost caught by a few of them, and I was trying to convince them I was part of a clan. When they were buried, I thought you might have been another, and after speaking to you like thatwell, I have an instinct to keep a cover in a tight spot." "No Winstoner has a tattoo like yours." "That part's the truth, too. I did find a way into the city, and it did kick me out." "Do you still object to taking me there?" Thinner sighed and crawled out of the stream. "It's not part of my trip. I'm heading back for Winston." Jeshua watched him cautiously as he dried himself.

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