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Read Vanished - A Mystery (Dixon & Baudin Book 1)

Vanished - A Mystery (Dixon & Baudin Book 1)

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Vanished - A Mystery (Dixon & Baudin Book 1) - Plot & Excerpts

Dixon signed some files before he put them in a bin where the secretary would forward them to the screening team at the District Attorney’s Office.
    The front desk had someone at it twenty-four hours a day. Tonight it was Martha, an older woman with her hair up in a poof. She wore a plastic sheath over it when it rained. He went over after checking the coffee and finding it cold. He tossed the cup in her trash.
    “We got anything?” he asked.
    “A lotta interesting people calling about your Jane Doe.”
    “Interesting how?”
    “Well, they said they saw it on the news, and they know her.”
    “How many?”
    “’Bout fifteen of ’em.”
    He nodded. “Email me the info, and I’ll follow up.”
    Dixon was heading out of the doors when she added, “One of them said her son did it.”

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