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Belle Payton
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Double or Nothing

yelled Alex out loud. She was in her room, sitting on the floor with a fan of poster boards around her, her laptop on her lap. Ava was just passing by her room and poked her head in. “Was that you who just yelled?” “Yes!” Alex said hotly. “Sorry,” she added, more calmly. “I didn’t mean to startle...

Double or Nothing by Belle Payton

A Lot to Tackle

“You like having your hair brushed, don’t you?” she whispered into the horse’s ear. Chester was too busy swatting flies with his tail to answer. “Well, I like it,” Ava said, patting his strong neck. “Grooming you is fun.” “Yeah, when you get to do the brushing part,” Kylie McClaire said as she ch...

A Lot to Tackle by Belle Payton

Even the Score

Coach Kenerson barked as Ava jogged onto the field. “Always ready, Coach!” she called back. “You don’t look ready.” He tilted his head, peering suspiciously at her face. “Fast feet and steady hands.” Ava ran in place and raised her free hand. In her other hand she grasped her helmet. Coach K paus...

Even the Score by Belle Payton

Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?

CHAPTER TWELVE “Surprise!” Ava cried the next morning. She jumped on her parents’ bed to wake them. “Happy birthday!” Alex called, flicking on the lights. “Party time! Whoo! Whoo!” Tommy added, clapping his hands loudly. Coach rubbed his eyes. His hair stuck up on one side. “What’s all this?” “Yo...

Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? by Belle Payton

Two Cool for School

demanded Kylie, looking up from her phone. Ava turned. “He’s the backup quarterback to PJ Kelly,” she explained. “Why?” “I just got a text from my sister,” said Kylie. “She says that Dion is out. He has a stress fracture.” Ava’s eyes widened. “Is that big news?” asked Kylie. “Well, yeah,” Ava sai...

Two Cool for School by Belle Payton

Split Decision

PJ’s eyes scanned the yard as he balanced on his crutches. Alex, Ava, and even Moxy froze. Go away. PJ turned and slowly made his way into the house. Mind-power triumph! “I was sure he saw us. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.” Alex exhaled loudly. “Me too. Let’s get out of here.” Ava...

Split Decision by Belle Payton

'Tis the Off-Season

said Alex. “I’m still not used to this.” She and Ava were standing side by side at the kitchen counter, peeling a huge mound of potatoes. Alex was wearing one of the many Christmas outfits she’d put together, but had tied on one of Coach’s aprons to keep her clothes clean. Tommy had put on a play...

'Tis the Off-Season by Belle Payton

Two Steps Back

No response from Ava. And there was nothing she could do about Coach. There was no way he would show, especially after Tommy had asked him not to. Well, maybe Alex could convince Marcy that the footage they’d taken of Coach at the game would be good enough to “round out” the story. “All right, Al...

Two Steps Back by Belle Payton

Go! Fight! Twin!

Fight! Twin! CHAPTER Fifteen Alex was in mid-sip of her drink when Charlie Weidner walked into Sal’s. She nearly spewed soda all over the table. “Are you okay?” asked Emily, slapping Alex on the back several times. Alex managed to stop coughing enough to gasp that she was fine, that she’d just sw...

Go! Fight! Twin! by Belle Payton

Twice the Talent

She had no idea what had happened after he’d made his confession. Had he been suspended? She finally saw him in the hallway on the way to social studies. His hair was a mess, there was a hole in the bottom of the T-shirt he was wearing, and his shoelaces were untied—so he looked pretty much the s...

Twice the Talent by Belle Payton

A Whole New Ball Game

It seemed everyone would rather forget it and move on. Neither Alex nor Ava slept well Sunday night. Early Monday morning Ava climbed out of bed and stumbled sleepily down the stairs to watch some dumb TV. She discovered that Alex was already sprawled out on the couch. The sisters exchanged a war...

A Whole New Ball Game by Belle Payton

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