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Betty Ren Wright
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Christina's Ghost (1987)

I just finished reading this book called Christina's Ghost. I completely loved the book! Out of a 1-10 I would most definitely give it a 9! I liked this book because it was full of mystery; it has to do with a murder that happened 30 years ago. Christina has to spend the summer with her uncle Ra...

Christina's Ghost (1987) by Betty Ren Wright

Ghosts Beneath Our Feet (1995)

Katie believed that spending the summer in a quiet little town would be really cool. There'd be new kids to meet and lots of places to explore. But Katie's dream summer quickly turns into a nightmare. The quite little town is practically deserted, and the local kids don't seem too friendly.

Ghosts Beneath Our Feet (1995) by Betty Ren Wright

The Pike River Phantom (1990)

When Charlie approcahes an old house selling candy bars, an old woman answers the door and says she is the real Sunbonnet Queen. That's the title that Charlie's sister Rachel wants to win! Charlie doesn't know it, but he's just met a vengeful ghost who'll stop at nothing to take his sister's place.

The Pike River Phantom (1990) by Betty Ren Wright

Crandalls' Castle (2005)

Confession time. I am an adult who enjoys reading teen fiction. I don't mean Vampire Academy style, though some of that is okay. I mean Goosebumps and Betty Ren Wright.My best friend recently suggested we read The Dollhouse Murders together and so I picked up Crandalls' Castle at the same time.Th...

Crandalls' Castle (2005) by Betty Ren Wright

The Ghost of Ernie P. (1992)

After a freak accident kills Ernie and cuts short his Top Secret Plan, his friend Jeff is haunted by Ernie's ghost and pushed toward carrying out the plan.

The Ghost of Ernie P. (1992) by Betty Ren Wright

The Ghost Witch (1995)

The author of The Dollhouse Murders and more than a dozen acclaimed ghost stories presents the story of a young girl who convinces a witch's ghost to move from her house to the abandoned "haunted" house down the street where she can scare neighborhood kids each Halloween.

The Ghost Witch (1995) by Betty Ren Wright

The Dollhouse Murders (1995)

Twelve, almost thirteen, year old Amy Treloar lives in Claiborne with her father, mother, and eleven year old sister Louann who is brain damaged and attends Stadler School for Exceptional Children. Amy’s new best friend at her school is Ellen Kramer whose family has just recently moved to town. ...

The Dollhouse Murders (1995) by Betty Ren Wright

The Ghost in Room 11

Miss Bucher wanted to know. “I’ve been setting things up in here all day.…” The children glanced at each other. “There was this big wind,” Stephanie said timidly. “It was blowing everything around and twisting the sign and—” “A big wind? In the gym?” “That’s right!” Charlie said excitedly. “But i...

The Ghost in Room 11 by Betty Ren Wright

The Ghost of Popcorn Hill

“Today’s the day,” he shouted in Martin’s ear. “Wake up, wake up, wake up!” Martin yawned and pushed back the covers. The boys dressed quickly and went out to the kitchen, where their mother was making oatmeal for breakfast. “You’re up bright and early,” she said cheerfully. “I bet I know why.” “...

The Ghost of Popcorn Hill by Betty Ren Wright

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