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Christina's Ghost (1987)

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Christina's Ghost (1987) - Plot & Excerpts

I just finished reading this book called Christina's Ghost. I completely loved the book! Out of a 1-10 I would most definitely give it a 9! I liked this book because it was full of mystery; it has to do with a murder that happened 30 years ago. Christina has to spend the summer with her uncle Ralph. They are both not looking forward to it since they both dislike each other. Christina sees a small figure of a boy and thinks it’s a ghost, she tells her Uncle Ralph which doesn’t believe it. My favorite part of the book is when the lights in the house start flickering and the windows and doors start opening and closing all by themselves! Uncle Ralph starts to believe in ghost, but once Christina goes to a shop, and finds a newspaper from 30 years ago, and she cannot believe what she reads. It says that one of the victims that has been murdered, has some stamps in that house that are worth a fortune! Until something wonderful happens to them! If you want to find out, read the book! One thing that I really didn't get about this book is that: What happened to the little ghost boy?? I mean the title says Christina's Ghost, but the book is all about finding the hidden stamps that are worth a fortune. The book doesn’t even say what happens to the little boy at the end. I mean if you're reading, the last time she sees the little boy is in the woods. After that it just cuts the little ghost boy off and the book is pretty much a lot about the stamps. So I would suggest to call the book another title.

I read Christina's ghost nearly 30 years ago. I was 7 years old and found the book utterly terrifying but incredibly compelling. I had to repeatedly stop reading because I was terrified...but would have to pick it up again because I HAD to know what happened next. This book was the genesis of a life long love of books that chilled me to my toes, books you read in a well lit room, books that echo in your nightmares but you are drawn back to over and over again. I wouldn't recommend this for a timid child, but for kids who enjoy enjoy a good scare this is a must read. I remembered this books so well after 15 years that I ended up buying it for my own daughter...yes it scared me, but it did it so very well! :)

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I read this book in the third grade and loved it. When I got older I wanted to read it again and could never find it. I went to different library's and thrift stores looking for it. When I was 19yrs old my mom called me up asking if I wanted to follow her to the new thrift store that opened up; I almost didn't go cuz I was sick. I'm so glad I did cuz I found it. OMG i jumped up and down and screamed a very high pitched scream i never thought i could do. Lol. my mom said she never seen me so happy. :D I'm 25yrs old now and have three kids of my own. I still have the book and I can't wait to share it with them. :)
—Risa Duenas

Another great and believable kid's ghost story. Christina and her sister are on their way to visit their grandparents when something happens (someone gets sick? not sure I recall). Her sister is sent to stay with the grandmother (possibly) and Christina is stuck with her grumpy old uncle in his huge old house for the summer. Christina occupies herself by exploring the house, learning to swim, and eventually solving the mystery of the ghost boy that she sees on her uncle's property.

A lot of my own childhood books came from uncles and aunts in America, and this book was one of my favourites.Christina, or Chris (she's a bit of a tomboy), is forced to spend the summer with her introverted and slightly grumpy Uncle Ralph when her grandmother is taken ill. As Ralph is a writer he takes her to a house in the countryside where he can work in peace. Chris is a little lonely to say the least as Ralph is unaccustomed to children, and especially tomboys!!Christina feels less lonely when she sees a little boy watching her while she plays. She soon discovers he is a ghost, and begins to try to convince Uncle Ralph. He gets quite annoyed and doesn't believe her, thinking it to be the product of a ten year old's overactive imagination. But he soon discovers Chris is telling the truth and the two form an unlikely bond as they uncover the secrets their holiday home is hiding.As ghost stories for children go, this is not overly scary. The story moves quickly, is full of action, and there is a happy ending when the mystery is solved and when Chris and her Uncle become unlikely allies after a very shaky start!!
—Maeve Mc Hugh

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