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Betty Sullivan La Pierre books

Betty Sullivan La Pierre
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Diamonds Aren't Forever

He had a feeling the farmer enjoyed all this excitement and wanted to be involved. How to keep Charley out of it, he didn't know.It ran through his mind, a trip to Hopkins’ room might be in order for tonight, but on the other hand, maybe he should wait until he knew more about Jamey's planned ret...

Diamonds Aren't Forever by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Shadows in the Night [Hawkman--Book 12]

He strolled to the elevator, and as he stepped onto the main floor, the smell of food made his stomach growl. He decided to go grab a sandwich and return later. First, he checked the bulletin board, and observed no event had been scheduled for today, so that would help keep the traffic down. Maki...

Shadows in the Night [Hawkman--Book 12] by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Cause for Murder

When he pulled into the garage, he noticed Sam's bike, and felt relieved his son had gotten home safe and sound from Richard's, a feeling he hadn't experienced while the boy had been away at college. Seems when they're at school you don't worry about them. The human mind is a strange thing, he th...

Cause for Murder by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Angels in Disguise

“What have you discovered?"Hawkman explained about Tiffany describing the Gucci purse her mother had purchased. Then about how he'd discovered Tulip carrying an identical handbag. When he inquired where she'd bought it, she informed him her dad gave it to her for a birthday gift. “I'm going to tr...

Angels in Disguise by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

The Archer [Book 13 of the Hawkman Series]

He hesitated about getting out of the vehicle, as this dog meant business. Soon a man opened the front door."Princess, stop that right now."The dog skulked back around the house, and Hawkman climbed out of the SUV."Sorry about her. She's very protective.""No apology needed,” Hawkman said. “I'm as...

The Archer [Book 13 of the Hawkman Series] by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

In for the Kill [Hawkman Series Book 9]

“I see Mr. Hargrove is from out of state. Did he mention why he was in Oregon?""I couldn't say; you'd have to ask Charles."He waved a hand. “That's right. You weren't here.""If you'll wait a minute, I'll see if I can get hold of Mr. Hargrove at the motel where he's staying.""Good idea."Fielding o...

In for the Kill [Hawkman Series Book 9] by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Moonshine Murder [Hawkman Bk 14]

How do you plan to maneuver in the dark?” Jennifer asked."In case it's pitch black, I'm taking my Surefire LED flashlight. If I keep it pointed toward the ground, the beam should be hidden by the heavy foliage. Once I'm close to the corral, I'll turn it off.""Why are you even going tonight? We ju...

Moonshine Murder [Hawkman Bk 14] by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

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