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Read Moonshine Murder [Hawkman Bk 14]

Moonshine Murder [Hawkman Bk 14]

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Moonshine Murder [Hawkman Bk 14] - Plot & Excerpts

How do you plan to maneuver in the dark?” Jennifer asked."In case it's pitch black, I'm taking my Surefire LED flashlight. If I keep it pointed toward the ground, the beam should be hidden by the heavy foliage. Once I'm close to the corral, I'll turn it off.""Why are you even going tonight? We just saw Jeb leaving the area with Tami.""It'll be a perfect time for me to see if he's started a new batch.""How, if the door's padlocked?""I'm taking my lock-picking kit.""Sounds like you've thought of everything, except an escape route."Hawkman grinned. “I'll find one when I need it.""Earl would shoot you first and ask questions later,” Jennifer said."I know. I'll watch for him. If we had better cell phone connections, I'd have you call me if you spotted Jeb and Tami coming back.""Afraid you'll just have to watch for the headlight beams. It should give you time to get out of sight.""Better get my stuff together and get going."Jennifer glanced out the window. “It's not completely dark yet.""It won't matter until I get there, which will take about thirty minutes.

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