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Cheryl Dragon
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Men of Alaska 2: Sterling Sunshine (2014)

It sat on one end of Main Street, nothing fancy or showy. Ross had learned the dull parts of the job and was finally digging into the good he could do. When his assistant showed Gretchen in, Ross found himself a little tongue-tied. She dressed in black slacks and a black blazer with a light blue ...

Men of Alaska 2: Sterling Sunshine (2014) by Cheryl Dragon

Hot for Charity (2014)

He needed a day off and calling in sick wouldn’t be too far from the truth. He needed time without screaming crowds, strippers, sad teens, or work. He made himself at home in Cody’s tiny kitchen. Toast was about all he could manage to find for breakfast in the kitchen, but it worked. That first t...

Hot for Charity (2014) by Cheryl Dragon

Love and Language

Was it overkill? She’d spent the rest of last night masturbating while enjoying the barely there sting on her ass. All her eagerness to see him today had been pointless. He’d avoided her at work. Maybe, he was rethinking things. Maybe, he hadn’t enjoyed it as much as she had. She’d studied her It...

Love and Language by Cheryl Dragon

Hypnotic Hannah

Grant stood over me, his large hand still pressed to my rear.     Everyone in the room stared at us, the sexual hum broken. I tried to slip into Grant’s mind, but his dark thoughts blocked me. The only thing I could read was, “Obey.”     The way he’d been a...

Hypnotic Hannah by Cheryl Dragon

Devoted to Him

Work kept him and Fiona busy during the day and they were happily alone in bed together every night. But his executive administrative assistant, Martha, a harsh dominatrix in her fifties, insisted that he not work from now up until the wedding day. It would irritate his future bride. Sub or not, ...

Devoted to Him by Cheryl Dragon

Rescue Party (2013)

The water rose slowly in the streets as rain pounded the town. A low-level hurricane had swept up the Gulf, and while most storms were nothing major for centrally located Lucky Springs, this one had produced excessive rainfall. Add in gusting winds, and it was a good day to stay inside. “We might...

Rescue Party (2013) by Cheryl Dragon

Four Cowboys & a Witch

He almost felt like he did back in high school. Riding now was relaxing and fun, not the thrill of competitive rodeo he’d once aspired to. As Dani sat staring at herself in a mirror, trying to determine where the next attack would happen, Sam went to pack up some supplies. Having her around felt ...

Four Cowboys & a Witch by Cheryl Dragon

Hot at Last (2014)

He was in his manager attire tonight. For the first time, he was nervous up there. He’d waited for a night where Bev and Avery were both working to announce his retirement from dancing. They knew about it, of course, but Bev insisted on making a big deal. He loved a fuss but had never expected to...

Hot at Last (2014) by Cheryl Dragon

7th Kind 1: Christmas in Dreamland

Another romantic dinner and great sex though the alien issue hung in the air, but nothing changed. The guys debated telling her the truth, but all of them wanted to make Christmas Eve a little special for Meg even if they were locked up in Dreamland. Charlie had convinced the kitchen staff to del...

7th Kind 1: Christmas in Dreamland by Cheryl Dragon

Lucky Springs 4: Training Party

By the time she rang the doorbell, he was in the front room waiting for her. Landon and Dane pulled in after her, just returning from their movie afternoon. All three walked in smiling.     “Hi.” She looked at him. “Is something wrong?”     Tucker shook his...

Lucky Springs 4: Training Party by Cheryl Dragon

Merging Assets (2014)

He’d even seen Roman a bit worried when they’d sorted through Mr. Nicholas’ old-fashioned tracking methods from the past. While the old guy’s body was wearing out, his brain was still sharp. They’d have to make the business their own. The relationship was working well with the corporate crap behi...

Merging Assets (2014) by Cheryl Dragon

Always His Earl (2016)

After what Myles had done the day before in the library, he knew George would take charge overnight, and he thoroughly had. Sex was the best distraction and the one thing they weren’t getting nearly enough of. When they talked about anything but Claire, bitterness and hurt boiled up. Myles ...

Always His Earl (2016) by Cheryl Dragon

Love and Chemistry (2013)

Something smelled wonderful, and after back-to-back classes following work, she was starving. It was late, but he’d kept dinner warm. “Honey, I’m home,” she teased. “About time.” He got off the couch and kissed her. “Good day?” “Long but good.” She let him steer her to the kitchen and into a chai...

Love and Chemistry (2013) by Cheryl Dragon

Hot Bouncer (2013)

It was sparse and efficient, but he’d expected nothing more. The ride here had been quiet, but Nash held his hand all the way. It took time to find where Terry had made it in, but Nash hadn’t left until he figured it out. Avery showed Carl an old trap door from Prohibition years when the place wa...

Hot Bouncer (2013) by Cheryl Dragon

Warrior's Craft Four Geeks & A Witch (2013)

Elvis steered Nolan to the bed without ash and lipstick all over the sheets. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing now.” Daph sat next to him. Her touch was like pure joy and happiness. Nolan hadn’t realized he wasn’t happy until that moment. Something had felt off, b...

Warrior's Craft Four Geeks & A Witch (2013) by Cheryl Dragon

Kat's Karma (2013)

Kat eyed them both and Sean slid a protective arm around her. Finally she relaxed against him. Sean tried to keep his touch friendly and not slide his hand lower even as the arousal rushed through him. It was a long way for a fantasy, but she was worth it. The monkey suits seemed a bit much, like...

Kat's Karma (2013) by Cheryl Dragon

Warrior's Craft Four Bikers and a Witch (2012)

“Protection spell with full sex infusion?” he asked. She smiled. “I think it’s best, don’t you? We’ll bring the machetes too, but magic is best against paranormal creatures.” “Definitely. I just worry Axle will pull away.” Seb hugged her from ...

Warrior's Craft Four Bikers and a Witch  (2012) by Cheryl Dragon

Renee's High School Reunion

The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000. Electronic Release: January 201...

Renee's High School Reunion by Cheryl Dragon

Customer Satisfaction (2013)

The guys were talking to each other, and her at work, but the closeness was gone. She hadn’t spent an evening with them or even talked about anything personal all week. At least tonight she could hang out with the girls and talk over pizza. Ash was a native who left Lucky Springs for more excitem...

Customer Satisfaction (2013) by Cheryl Dragon

Sterling New Year

Worrying about someone else meant she didn’t have to worry about herself or what she’d do tomorrow. “Are you okay?” “I’m fine.” Gretchen sighed. “Isa got me a couple interviews, but they can’t afford to pay me enough to live around here.” “I’m sorry. At least your friends are trying. I’ll call ar...

Sterling New Year by Cheryl Dragon

Warrior's Craft Four Guys & A Witch (2012)

She wanted to protect them all, but she had to conserve her energy for the blasts when she was needed until she had more power. Being around the guys had already stretched her skills in a good way. A tap on the door got her attention. “Come in.” DC, Jude and Andy slipped inside. &ldqu...

Warrior's Craft Four Guys & A Witch (2012) by Cheryl Dragon

Runaway Cowgirl (2014)

Emily had been debating which one to marry every night in her dreams. After the men went home, she paced the parlor. Henry had given her an out, but would it be better to marry the orphan so he felt stable? “You miss them already?” Alice sat quietly with her sewing. Emily grinned. “I do. It’s a h...

Runaway Cowgirl (2014) by Cheryl Dragon

Love and History (2013)

The fact that it went straight through him in a rush of power, honor and responsibility told him it was right. Her trusting fingers unbuttoning his shirt and caressing his skin proved to him it was real. “You’re sure?” he asked. He expected an eye roll, but instead, she stepped back and proceeded...

Love and History (2013) by Cheryl Dragon

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