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Elizabeth Lister
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Apartment 1209 (2013)

This may be one of the shortest BDSM books I have ever read but it was still a very good book. Ryan and Henry meet because of his misplaced keys but even though the both of them are fairly different they can make a dark relationship work. The end was also a good ending but I was very surprised th...

Apartment 1209 (2013) by Elizabeth Lister

Beyond the Edge (2012)

We went in, making sure to remove our shoes at the door and lock it behind us. He must have heard us, as he rounded the corner from the kitchen and greeted us. “Boys. How was the shopping?” I looked at him with eyes that probably conveyed my arousal. He had dressed down today, in faded jeans, bar...

Beyond the Edge (2012) by Elizabeth Lister


I was alone in my bed. My stomach clenched in dread as I sat up and searched the room. When I saw his messenger bag against the wall and a light coming from the kitchen, I felt a huge sense of relief. I glanced at the clock. It was 4:41.     I got quietly out of bed and padded...

Exposure by Elizabeth Lister

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