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Apartment 1209 (2013)

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Apartment 1209 (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

This may be one of the shortest BDSM books I have ever read but it was still a very good book. Ryan and Henry meet because of his misplaced keys but even though the both of them are fairly different they can make a dark relationship work. The end was also a good ending but I was very surprised thinking that Ryan was going to be an arrogant fuck but he was nice to the core which i really envy in a person.The only thing i dont like about the book was i wanted more. This was a great story about a college student (Henry) who meets the owner of a BDSM club (Ryan) when he locks himself out of his flat. Henry has been so busy working and studying that he hasn't had time to find himself a boyfriend. Ryan is an older man with a taste for younger men.Once Henry discovers that Ryan is the owner of a BDSM club, he picks up the courage to meet up with him again and the two begin to explore Henry's kinks.From the cover I was expecting this to be quite hard-core, but actually it was a nice gentle introduction to the genre. Most of the exploration is off-page, although there are a couple of hot on-page scenes. This was definitely sexy, and well within my comfort zone.

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It was a well-written sweet story, but I don't like BDSM so that's why I only gave it two stars.

Well shit, that was a hot little story! Wouldn't mind reading those missing days!

Oh this was just perfect...Cheeky Henry certainly knew how to get Ryan going x

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