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Falter, Laury
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He reviewed it carefully and I saw his body growing more rigid with each passing second. My view of his forehead gave me no indication of his thoughts but the pulsing of his muscles as he clenched and unclenched his jaw did. Finally, he looked up, but it was past me so that his gaze settled on th...

Haven by Falter, Laury

Prophecy (Residue Series #4)

I felt my energy return, my heart beat slow to a steady pace. It was satisfying, renewing.And then I reached the apex of my flight and began to descend.My eyes snapped open.And the pain flooded me.Looking down I saw two factors to my situation, neither one being very positive. First, my body was ...

Prophecy (Residue Series #4) by Falter, Laury

Birthright (Residue Series #2)

Burke pointed out, lightly touching a finger to Jameson’s hand. He seemed to be channeling, in order to measure and assess what was happening.     “No,” agreed Charlotte, her arms were crossed, and her head dipped as she surveyed him. “This is something more.”   &nbs...

Birthright (Residue Series #2) by Falter, Laury

Resurrection (Apocalypse Chronicles Part II)

But in the end it wasn’t him who led them. It was me. He hadn’t drawn the map on where to find us. I had. Me and my untainted blood.It never occurred to me that I might be the one to jeopardize others or that I would turn. So when an inky black closed in to fill my sight and my body began to feel...

Resurrection (Apocalypse Chronicles Part II) by Falter, Laury

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